Super Dimension Comics

A graphic novel, told in parts, telling an alternative history of Egypt's most ancient myths. 


Art & Story by Chris Oldaker.



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Khemet, the Black Lands


Many ages ago, before our history began...


The kingdom of Khemet thrived as a center of education, technology and spirituality. The great kings of the Black Lands rose from the banks of the Nile Valley to build a civilization that spread its arms out across the seas, linking the planet’s natural laylines into a massive grid that powered more than 200 cities worldwide.


The Khemetians dedicated themselves to learning all of the Earth’s secrets and, in time, reached unimaginable heights.



But even the greatest civilization the world has ever known owes its origins to a much earlier culture. Their legends tell of an isolated people, born from a far off land, their names and faces lost to time save for one man - if he could truly be called such.


Tot, it was told, was a nearly god-like being. 


He brought the spark of civilization to the men of the Black Lands and taught them to live in the Light of the All. He built the great cities of his kingdom in the image of the Duat. He taught men the truth of the universe and gave unto them the power to traverse its vast reaches. His reign was said to have lasted for a thousand years.



And now, Tot is gone.

For five years, Khemose, his human born son, has led The Children of the Light in his stead and has led them as well as his father could have hoped. Under his guidance, their kingdom flourished.

But men grow bold in the absence of gods.