MASS is a near-future cyberpunk epic that tells the intersecting stories of a city on the brink of explosive conflict.

San Francisco. 2053. There is unrest online and in the streets, but most Americans would never know. Content to live in virtual wonderlands as the world around them is pillaged, the actions and voices of those that fight remain obscure to them and not by accident.

33 corporations control the entire country. Defense, medical, aerospace, robotics, tech, real estate, agriculture... Those 33 companies own, produce, and disseminate 99% of all media. No surprise that the masses believe what they want them to believe.

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After Life

After Life tells the epic tale of humanity's expansion throughout the galaxy, their tragic end and the surprising story of what comes after.

E12-OL4M is an android. He is also the only human left in the universe. He finds himself returning to a place from his far past.

Nova-7 it was called then. The planet now referred to by its inhabitants as Perah, thrives with life, culture, and technology.

But they have no idea what’s coming.

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The Black Lands

A graphic novel, told in parts, telling an alternative history of Egypt's most ancient myths.

The story of Khemose, the ancient kingdom of Khemet’s young leader, as he struggles to maintain the precarious balance of the fledgling civilization his father built from nothing.

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