The Black Lands Donation

The Black Lands Donation

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Support the creation of The Black Lands with a one-time donation.

All donors will receive a special shoutout in the credits of a future issue.

Donor Level:

Donor Levels

  • Sidekick - $5

  • Hero - $10

  • Super Hero - $20

  • Maniacal Super Villain - $50

What happens to my donation?

When you donate to a specific story/comic
90% of your donation goes directly into the pockets of the creative team for that book (artist, writer, colorist, etc.). Of the remaining 10%, 3% goes to PayPal’s transaction fee (yup, reality) and about 7% goes back into the business in order to fund the production of future books.

When you donate as a Super Donor
You’re helping support Super Dimension Comics as a business. 97% of your donation goes toward covering basic business expenses (web hosting, advertising, staffing) as well as the cost to acquire and onboard talented new creators to work with us. The remaining 3% goes to, you guessed it, PayPal’s transaction fee.

Why are you asking for my money?

We don’t ask anything of you for a Super Dimension digital subscription except your email address, but the reality is we spend a lot of time and money ourselves to create and deliver that content to you. We’d like to continue to be able to make our content freely available to everyone, so we ask that you support Super Dimension if and when you can.