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Super Dimension Comics is a digital subscription service that delivers new digital comics to your inbox immediately upon release. It’s easy.

  • Subscribe to a story and you’ll get your access code emailed to you along with a link to our subscriber page.

  • Log into the subscriber page with your code to get access to all the issues.

  • Choose to download in CBZ or PDF format.

  • Read and enjoy!

  • After that, you’ll automatically receive each new issue as soon as it’s released.

It’s 100% free to subscribe and download as many stories as you want. You’re welcome to donate to Super Dimension Comics to help us keep the lights on.

All of our comics are released in PDF and CBZ format (recommended), which can be opened with most comic book reader applications. Free comic book reader apps can be found for Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, and most other platforms.


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