Super Dimension Comics

A graphic novel, told in parts, exploring a near-future San Francisco embroiled in social, political, cultural, and technological conflict.


Art & Story by Chris Oldaker.


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Near-future Cyberpunk


San Francisco. 2053.

There is unrest online and in the streets. But most Americans would never know.

Content to live in virtual wonderlands as the world around them is pillaged, the actions and voices of those that fight remain obscure to them.

Not by accident either.


33 corporations control the entire country.

Defense, medical, aerospace, robotics, tech, real estate, agriculture... Those 33 companies own, produce, and disseminate 99% of all media.

No surprise that the masses believe what they want them to believe.


MASS is a near-future cyberpunk epic that tells the intersecting stories of a city on the brink of explosive conflict.


In part one of our story we meet Dennis Powell, project lead for the Gladstone Corporation's stealth R&D wing. He's on the verge of the a billion-dollar breakthrough - biggest in his division's history; but in private Dennis is caught in a spiral of addiction after the tragic loss of his fiancé 13 months earlier. 


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