After Life - 003

After Life - 003

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After Life - #002

So far our protagonist, E’lan -a.k.a. the ancient android known by the identification number E12-OL4M- has landed on a remote planet that he once cataloged as Nova-7. Its inhabitants now call it Perah and it is teeming with civilization since his last visit.

He finds himself wandering through the streets of a small desert town near his landing zone. Distracted and momentarily blinded by floods of long deleted memories, he is struck by a passing vehicle.

Luckily, the passing vehicle’s passengers were decent enough to stop (after all, he’d ruined their hood) and offer him some shelter in exchange for a bit of probing conversation. Maybe they also had vague notions of scamming their way into a windfall at E’lan’s expense—who really knows.

The family soon began to hear a tale they didn’t exactly believe, let alone know how to make sense of. Talk of a place called Earth and intergalactic space travel spanning centuries...they just weren’t buying it. But E’lan’s RAM was still malfunctioning, scrambling his thoughts with hundred-year-old memories of his time spent with the descendants of Earth’s lost scout ship, the Hermes. He was finding it hard to think straight, let alone communicate effectively.

Art by Colin Nitta (p. 3—13) , Chris Oldaker (p. 14—20)
Story and colors by Chris Oldaker

15.4MB CBZ format. You'll need a comic book reader to open the file. 

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