After Life - 002

After Life - 002

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After Life - #001

In the first issue of After Life, our protagonist, E’lan -a.k.a. the ancient android known by the identification number E12-OL4M- has landed on a remote planet that he once cataloged as Nova-7. Its inhabitants now call it Perah.

Things on the planet have changed indeed since he was last here. Against every odd, life has taken hold! Civilization has formed.


“Amazing,” is all he could muster to say.

He finds himself wandering through the streets without any real direction; in awe of it all, but at the same time, floods of long deleted memories are flashing through his subconscious, blending with reality.

Confused, distracted, E’lan didn’t notice when he stepped in front of a family’s vehicle and put an android-sized dent in their front-end. And in his spell of reverence, he didn’t quite realize that the Perahns -miracles though they were- were only human. Faigen has easily convinced his wife, Rahsina, that the mysterious vagrant that just ruined their peaceful drive home, is unlike anything they’ve ever seen and may have presented them with a very lucrative (and if you ask them, much needed) opportunity.

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