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Studio Super Dimension

We're all about releasing the highest quality original comics and graphic novels possible. Right now, that's in the form of a cheap flat rate of $1.50 per issue for a digital download (issues will vary in length from 10-30 pages). Long form stories will be individually priced because...reasons.

Every few months, we'll also release a free Super Dimension anthology if you want to get a taste for what to expect before you buy. It will contain shorts, serials, and previews of comics soon to be released. Download Super Dimension Vol. 1 now.




Super Dimension is all about releasing the highest quality original comics and graphic novels possible, so we're interested in hearing from creators with all kinds of publishable projects. If you'd like to submit your work for consideration, please take a moment to read through our guidelines. Keep in mind that we may not be able to respond to each submission individually and some responses may take up to several months. 

Images should be submitted in jpeg, gif, or png format, 72 dpi, 1000px width. Please try to keep file sizes as small as possible without significantly sacrificing image quality. Scripts should be submitted as Google Docs files, .doc, or .pdf formats. Files must be stored in a shared space online (Google Drive, for instance) with URL provided. 

Each submission must contain at least 6 pages of completed artwork (unless, of course, the piece is shorter). We're willing to work with ongoing creations, but you need to show you can actually produce your ideas.

Artist/writer teams interested in publishing original works with Super Dimension should include a brief pitch of your comic, the anticipated format (short story, serial, graphic novel, etc.) and length, and a little bit about you/your team.

Artists looking to be paired with writers or placed on projects should note that all works must be inked and colored - we are only accepting complete packages, we can't place individual pencilers, inkers, colorists at this time.

Writers interested in being paired with artists please note that we can only accept full scripts, no loose ideas or partial pieces. Long form and serials are not required to be submitted in full, however, at least 2 complete chapters must be provided.